1st TOT for veterinary and para-vet in Da Bac, Hoa Binh

From 29 August to 1 September 2017, Project team of VNUA – Assoc. Nguyen Van Thanh, Dr. Bui Thi To Nga, Vet. Nguyen Van Tuan, Dr. Nguyen Van Phuong, and Japanese experts – Dr. Kenji Kawashima, Dr. Hayashi, Dr. Makoto Osaki conducted a training course for local veterinarians and para-vet in Da Bac town, Da Bac district, Hoa Binh province.

20 commune veterinarians in Da Bac district, 03 veterinary staff of Da Bac Veterinary Station; 01 veterinary officer of Cao Phong District Veterinary Station; 01 officer from Hoa Binh Veterinary Department; 02 staff of Hoa Binh Breeding Center participated in the training.

The content of the training includes: Overview of disease situation in pigs in Hoa Binh province; Some common diseases in pigs, Surgical methods and pathological diagnosis; process of sampling, Monitoring; activities of PJ CMU4; Introduce ways to help VNP increase productivity; Basic skills for trainers: Using computer show, blackboard; Approach and work with farmer households to participate in the training; Treatment of waste in pig production – biogas; Practice medical examination, use of drugs, veterinary hygiene and treatment of pig waste.

Some images of the training:









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