Planning Workshop for Fiscal Year 2019 and 9th PMU meeting

Planning Workshop for Fiscal Year 2019 and 9th PMU meeting were jointly held in Hoa Binh province during 22-24 August 2018, with participation of PMU members and all implementing researchers of 4 CMUs from Japan and Vietnam.



Dr. Nguyen Thanh Son, Project Director- Director General of NIAS-V.


Group photo


Before presenting to PMU, each CMU had more than one day of group work to identify key strategies for Year 5 highlighting list of updated activities & time frame, as well as to update PO version 2 for monitoring.


Group Work of CMU1

Group Work of CMU3

Group Work of CMU4

Group Work of CMU2


Several important pending issues were also discussed in 9th PMU meeting on 24 August 2018 to seek for possible solutions in upcoming time such as procurement of Inhaling Anesthesia Isoflurane, Export of VNP to Japan and Tax Exemption of Additional Equipment.

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