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In recent decades, a number of exotic breeds have widely been introduced especially in large- and medium-scale farmers in order to improve pig production to meet the increasing consumption demands. In some areas, the native pig breeds have drastically decreased in number and crossing with other breeds resulted in a situation where some of the native rare breeds are near or already in extinction. In the remote areas, rearing of native pig breeds is still popular. The native pigs, although fattening efficiency is low, withstand well, adapt and fit to poor breeding environment. They have become a valuable cash income means and important cultural life for ethnic minorities.

Five breeds already became extinct out of the currently confirmed 26 native varieties, and 9 breeds are very rare breed and listed in the priority for conservation and protection. From bio-diversity point of view, conservation of native pig breeds is an urgent task. Development of sustainable measures for improved livelihood of small-scale farmers is also given priority.

Through the Project of joint international research of Vietnam and Japan, a conservation and management system of native pig breeds will be established by cryo-preservation of genetic resources. Native pig breeds will be identified and appropriate practices for pig farming will be introduced to small-scale farmers to improve native pig rearing efficiency contributing to conservation and sustainable utilization of native pig breeds.

As a SATREPS program, the Project also undertakes advanced research activities. Identification of PERV-free pigs will be undertaken for potential application of xeno-transplantation of organs using native pigs. Taking advantage of the research results, it is expected that meat production will lead into a high value-added medical animal production industry.

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