Joint Midterm Review and 3rd JCC meeting

Joint Midterm Review was organized by JICA, JST and MARD on 23rd Oct – 8th November 2017. According to the midterm review, the progress and achievements of the Project at the halfway point of the project period are appropriate on the whole. The Project is tasked to work on the recommendations of the midterm review in the second half of the project.

Key recommendations are:

  • According to the Decree No.59, both Japanese and Vietnamese project implementing organizations, in close coordination with each other, shall take immediate actions to request and obtain a license issued by competent national authorities such as MARD and/or MONRE, which allow the Project to access and utilize genetic resources necessary for the project activities
  • The Project should investigate the cost-effectiveness of the intervention in consideration of the feedstuff, the costs and efforts for dissemination, preparation of the manual, etc.
  • Vietnamese implementation organizations of the Project shall make a strategy for the preservation and use of native animals of Vietnam in consultation with the authorities, MARD and MONRE, by the end of the project period and the Project provides the necessary measures of maintenance and running of the banking system with estimated costs required for collection, genome analysis, cryopreservation and so on and rules for the use of the banking system.


Results of the Midterm review were presented by the Review Team during 3rd JCC meeting held on 7th Nov 2017. Representatives from MARD, MONRE and MOST were also present in this meeting.


Dr. Shuichi ASANUMA, Mission Leader (Japan International Cooperation Agency)


Dr. Yoichiro INOUE (Japan Development Service, Co. Ltd.)


Mr. Kensuke KODAIRA (Japan Science and Technology Agency)



Mr. Nguyen Anh Minh (Deputy Director General, International Cooperation Department, MARD) and Dr. Shuichi ASANUMA, Mission Leader signed on the Minutes of Midterm Review at 3rd JCC.



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