Artificial Insemination (AI) Workshop was Held at AI Center, Hoa Binh Province on 10 – 11 October, 2018

Artificial Insemination (AI) workshop was held in Hoa Binh on 10-11 October, 2018 with participants from Hoa Binh AI Center, Sub Department of Animal Health (Sub-DAH), as well as Agricultural Extension Center. The Japanese experts taught the participants techniques how to check concentration and mobility of semen in order to select the most appropriate media for preparation of semen for use in AI. The Japanese experts stressed the importance of quality control in order to prepare good semen for use in AI.

In Vietnam, while AI is practiced with landrace, it is not yet popular with Vietnamese native pigs. This is because Vietnamese native pigs are often raised in the backyard of the farm and reproduction is done naturally. Shortage of good boars however pauses a challenge to effective reproduction and increasing productivity. Introduction of AI could contribute to solve the problem of shortage of boars and improved productivity. The Project will continue to explore appropriate methods to prepare quality semen for use in AI.

During the workshop, AI was undertaken successfully with a sow with estrus. If it becomes pregnant, it is expected to deliver towards the end of January 2019. The Project will continue experiments to select the most appropriate media for dilution of semen and aim to undertake experiment AI in model farms in Cao Son, Da Bac District.


Trial of artificial insemination using diluted semen

Participants checking the procedures carefully

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