Training on preparing high-quality plasmid DNA

In order for the precise measurement of PERV gene copy number, it is definitely important to draw the accurate standard curve. In so doing, a high-quality plasmid DNA for each PERV genes is required.

Mr. Toan (NIAS-V) is taught how to go through the procedure by Drs Taniguchi & Arakawa (NILGS) during 26-27 Feb 2018.


Dr. Taniguchi point out a good colony of the competent cells identified to have the plasmid which is aimed to be used.

unnamed (1)


Drs Taniguchi & Arakawa show the procedure of cell spreading on the agar medium plate.

unnamed (3)

unnamed (5)


The plasmid DNA containing competent cells (E.Coli) is being spread on agar medium plates and going to be used for further PERV gene copy number analysis.

unnamed (6)




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