Training on “Enhancing management and construction skills of international projects”

In order to update the relevant documents and information as well as to continuously improve the skills for the staffs in implementing international projects,  from 26 August 2016, the Project Management Unit (PMU) organized the training course on “Enhancing management and construction skills of international projects”.

The PMU invited trainers from the Finance Department, Department of Science and Environment, International Cooperation Department, Department of Livestock Production – Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD). Participants in the training were members, staffs from the National Institue of Animal Science, Vietnam National University of Agricultural and Institute of Biotechnology. Throughout the course, trainees were introduced and discussed about 8 important topics directly related to the management and implementation of the project with 3 main themes:

+ Updating the results of JICA-SATREPS project, advantages and disadvantages;

+ Updating current regulations on finance, construction and management of ODA projects; Priority areas in animal husbandry to call for investment with foreign aid.

+ Reporting regime for project management.

On behalf of the organizers, Dr. Nguyen Thanh Son – Director of the National Institue of Animal Science, Director of the PMU said, “The training course is very useful for not only PMU members but also for all participants. It help all participants to be familiar with new regulations on project development, appraisal and approval as a whole. At the same time, the training conference also came to the general agreement on financial management and reporting regime of the project.

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