Seminar on results of “Training needs assessment for local veterinary and agricultural extension staffs, farmers in Hoa Binh province”

On the 16th of December, JICA SATREPS Project Management Unit toghether with a research group of the National Institute of Animal Science, organized a workshop on “Training needs assessment for local veterinary and agricultural extension staffs, farmers in Hoa Binh province” in order to share the results of research on the training needs of actors participating in the local pig breeding industry in Hoa Binh province; suggest the training materials to meet the needs of the target groups and discuss the branding of Hoa Binh native pig.

Participants in the workshop included members of the project management unit, representatives of the JICA Hanoi office, the Department of Animal Health of Hoa Binh province, scientists and researchers participating in the project from Vietnam and Japan.

At the workshop, representatives of the research team presented two reports: (i) The training needs of veterinary and agricultural extension staffs in improving their expertise and methods to assess the demand of livestock producers/farmers; (ii) Training needs for livestock development of indigenous pig households in Hoa Binh province, and the framework for training of the above mentioned subjects. Participants frankly commented on the results achieved, highly agreed on the results of the assessment. The outputs of the training needs assessment activities are close to the actual needs of the locality. By having such achievements, it is good to propose the training material framework and develop a set of training materials that meet the objectives of the project.

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