Dr. Hayashi Visits Model Farms in Cao Son Commune, Da Bac District, Hoa Binh 24 – 27 April, 2017

It has been almost one year since the Project started to work with the model farms in Cao Son Commune, Da Bac District of Hoa Binh. Currently, there are 6 model farms, 1 boar farm, each in Rang Village and Tam Village, and 1 experiment farm in Rang Village in Cao Son Commune. During one last year, the Project supported the farmers in various ways in order to improve productivity mainly through disease control and early weaning.

The Project helped the farmers, among other things, to upgrade the pig pens, keep the pig pens clean using lime powder and disinfectant, keep sow breeding record, feed the lactating sow and piglets with high protein content to promote healthy growth and early weaning, all of which are expected to contribute to producing healthy pigs.  Three training courses were also organized for model farmers during one last year.

Photo of Dr. Hayashi’s visit to Cao Son commune

Hayashi 1

Dr. Hayashi, who has been supporting model farmers together with Da Bac Veterinary Station, visited each of these 15 farms on 24-27 April in order to make an assessment of how the farmers are doing and to assist and advise them on the spot. After the visit, Dr. Hayashi says that some of the farmers are doing really well, taking initiatives to improve the area on their own. More farms are increasing the number of sows, a possible indication of the desire for higher productivity. On the other hand, however, proper use of nursery box and water nipple is not well understood and practiced. There is a shortage of boar, as many farms tend to wean at the same time, hence many sows experience estrus at the same time.

Photo of Dr. Hayashi’s visit to Cao Son commune

Hayashi 2

The visit, Dr. Hayashi thinks, is very informative and productive, as the situation of each farm is different. 4th model farmers training is scheduled on 3-5 July.

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